Texas Tourism - Fort Worth Travel

Texas Tourism - Fort Worth Travel

No vacation to the state of Texas would be complete without traveling to historic Fort Worth. In the downtown area visitors find Sundance Square with its great shopping, events and restaurants and the Fort Worth Stockyards where families can enjoy a Championship Rodeo every Friday and Saturday night.

Today Fort Worth has a treasure trove of museums to celebrate it’s Wild Western heritage, as well as the world’s oldest honky-tonk, Billy Bob’s Texas.

Historic downtown Fort Worth features Sundance Square which also hosts such events as arts festivals and live music. At Sundance Square, visitors find cuisine from Texas burgers to Tuscan to French Country to BBQ''d ribs. Dining is from casual to fine and formal.

The Fort Worth Stockyards is the history book of the livestock industry in Texas. All the chapters are represented in bricks and mortar, original wood corrals, the men and the music.Indians. Cattle. Railroads. Oil. The Western History of Fort Worth reads like the history of the American West.

Fort Worth also has a cultural side. Bass Hall offers performing arts and world-famous entertainers and the Fort Worth Opera is the oldest opera company in Texas.

The Kimball Art Museum is also one of the few in the Southwest with a substantial collection of Asian arts. There are also small but select collections of Pre-Columbian and African art, as well as Classical, Egyptian, and Near Eastern Antiquities.

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