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FINALLY! A foolproof system backed by someone who actually cares about your success AND puts her money where her mouth is! "I''ll teach you how to grow your business even if you''re on a shoestring budget!"

PUT THAT PHONE DOWN! This system is perfect if you hate cold calling or selling because our system does it all for you!

UNTAPPED OPPORTUNITY GIVES YOU UNLIMITED POTENTIAL! You can EASILY earn $1,000 of dollars no matter how busy you are thanks to the amazing Healthy Wealth System!

SPIRITUALLY AND PERSONALLY GRATIFYING! This business is more than just making lots of money. It''s also about bringing you spiritual and personal happiness.

From the desk of Kathleen Hoagland:
Creator of the Healthy Wealth System

Every once in a while, a really ''big'' Opportunity comes along.

This is such an opportunity if you''re looking for a home-based business That has…

  1. A low start-up cost…
  2. Requires no experience and is very easy to get started…
  3. That lets you work either full, part, or even in your spare time and succeed…
  4. And gives you an immediate income potential with massive multiple streams of residual income so you can learn how to retire rich and stress-free…
  5. With fantastic products and services in a rapidly expanding industry filled with proven buyers…
  6. Includes ongoing training and support – for FREE!
  7. And gives you a proven, results-oriented, automated marketing and sales system that does all of the prospecting, follow-up, selling and recruiting work for you…

Then you''ll want to lock the door and unplug your phone and read every word of this letter because you just stumbled upon an opportunity that, when you take advantage of today – gives you a very real chance of transforming your life forever just as you always dreamed of and wanted.

Okay, you''ve probably heard claims like these before but if you''ll keep an open mind and give me just a few more minutes of your attention, I''ll prove everything to you right now…

But first, I want to be absolutely clear and upfront with you and let you know that this is…

An honest, no nonsense way to success
It actually works for you

No hustling or bugging your friends to buy junk merchandise, lotions, potions or creams

And is definitely NOT a franchise, investment scheme, con game or gimmick

This is a REAL opportunity

But before I get into specifics about this incredible business, please let me tell you the story of how the system came about:

I got hit by a dump truck and
found the business of my dreams!

One day while I was out running errands, I was hit by a dump truck whose brakes malfunctioned. Fortunately for me he wasn''t going too fast otherwise it''s doubtful I would have survived the accident.

However, dump trucks aren''t exactly small, lightweight vehicles either and the injuries I suffered had me walking around like a wooden marionette. For almost a year I could not turn my neck, look side to side, to the back or anything.

The pain in my neck and shoulders was constant and I could not lift my arm to comb my hair, or carry anything with any weight. Essentially, I could not do anything that required lifting my arms above my shoulders.

As you can imagine, my life was filled with never-ending pain day after day and I was utterly miserable. Fortunately out of the blue, a friend of mine called asking if they could send me a CD talking about some "revolutionary health products" and an exciting business opportunity.

Out of respect for our friendship, and figuring I had nothing to lose, I agreed to listen to the CD when it arrived. After listening to it, I checked out the company''s website and despite my skepticism, I purchased their flagship product to test it out as a courtesy to my friend.

And boy o'' boy am I glad I did!

After using the product for just three short days I started to feel great and noticed that the pain in my shoulder and neck had diminished greatly.

After years of living in constant pain and trying nearly every pain-relieving product out there, I felt like I was blessed with a miracle and given another chance at living life. As you can imagine, I''ve been a faithful customer and advocate ever since!

Whether or not you are suffering from any aches and pains, I encourage you to give our incredible products a try. Who knows what exciting benefits you''ll enjoy or how your life will change for the better.

And that’s why I created the Healthy Wealth System, to help spread the word of these incredible products and to help others like myself make a little extra money on the side.

Thanks to the this exciting system, you can now jump right into business for yourself without all the risk or huge financial investment normally required.

So let''s talk about this exciting and lucrative business opportunity and how you can get started for just one dollar today.

Here''s the TRUE secret
Financial freedom:

With this business, you get paid a commission off of every purchase made by every customer in your business.

But that''s only the beginning, because you get "passive residual income" too.

"Passive residual income" is just a fancy term for doing work once and getting paid on that work month after month for life.

Here''s a simple example of how residual income works to create wealth – I think you''ll be really excited when you understand it:

How wealth is created:

You know how the Beatles wrote all those great songs?

Well they worked once to record them and each time an album is sold, a clip of their song is played in a commercial or in a movie they (or their children) get paid.

The same goes for movie stars like John Travolta, Eddie Murphy, Tom Hanks or Tom Cruise.

They even get paid every time any related merchandise linked to their work like a t-shirt is sold – that''s what ''passive residual income'' is – and that''s THE SECRET TO FINANCIAL FREEDOM AND SECURITY!

In our business, you keep getting commissions month after month after month, FOR LIFE on every customer.

Get the customer once, get paid over and over!

I call this the amazingly simple "wealth multiplier" because it lets you "stack up" income so that after a year or two you have big money coming in every month even if you do no work.

This is how you get the freedom to travel the world playing golf … or lay in a hammock in the Caribbean … Whatever – You STILL GET PAID.

You''ll be proud to be in this
Legitimate, respected business

If you''ve "chased rainbows" … been scammed by get rich quick schemes … hate trying to sell something people don''t need or want … well, here, finally is something really different AND real.

People will THANK YOU for telling them about our products. In fact, people will be impressed with everything you offer them and you''ll be impressed by your earnings.

I guarantee you''ll fall in love
with this business

I''ve put together the best training system possible for you so that even if you are an experienced entrepreneur or you''ve never had your own business – my Healthy Wealth System will unleash the successful entrepreneur in you!

Plus, you''ll have access to your very own personal business coach whose sole goal is to assist you in succeeding.

But that''s NOT the most exciting part of the Healthy Wealth System … not by a long shot!

You see, THE most exciting part of this system is the fact that it''s truly automated.

Which means that …

  • YOU CAN FORGET ABOUT COLD CALLING GRUNT WORK … Because you don''t have to make any phone calls (unless you want to) …
  • NO NEED TO FEEL LIKE A USED CAR SALESMAN because you don''t do any selling …
  • AND YOU DON''T HAVE TO WORK FULL-TIME TO MAKE THIS WORK – no matter how busy you are, this will work for you.
  • YOU DON''T EVEN HAVE TO LEAVE THE COMFORT OF YOUR OWN HOME TO MAKE MONEY WITH THIS – Kiss boring, unproductive hotel, in-home and face-to-face meetings goodbye!

A technological breakthrough in
automated marketing and sales systems

The Healthy Wealth System incorporates some of the newest advances in multi-channel, multi-media marketing technologies to help you make money without having to lift a finger.

For example, your system is programmed to call your prospects at set intervals for you – AUTOMATICALLY!

In fact, if you left your phone number on the previous page, you''re scheduled to get one of these automated calls shortly.

Combine this incredible system with some of the most wanted and purchased products with low prices and it''s no wonder we''re becoming one of the world''s fastest growing companies today.

This amazing money-making success system
helps you succeed automatically!

This is NOT ''selling'' like you''ve ever known it to be.

Can you succeed at giving away $100 dollar bills? This is almost that easy!

Simply put, all you do is let the system do all the work in showing people how easy and lucrative this opportunity is.

But that''s not even the best part!

Here''s how we guarantee
your success:

The best part is that we help you generate leads, get sales AND even reps!

Others claim to be the "greatest opportunity" but they don''t actually help you with the marketing and advertising of your business for results.

But we do because not only is it the right thing to do, but also because we don''t succeed unless you succeed! -- it''s called the Healthy Wealth System for a reason, because we all work together as a team!

And unlike all the others who yell and shout and lie to you about how much "they care"

We put our money where our mouth is and help you advertise and market your business because it''s the #1 reason people aren''t successful – because they don''t have enough leads.

So my team and I figured "why have you throw away your hard-earned money on hit and miss advertising that doesn''t bring you enough business to put you into profit?"

It makes no sense to leave you high and dry guessing what you need to do so I''ve solved that problem by having results oriented marketing materials created and ready for you the very moment you take advantage of my generous offer today!

Plus …

Discover a business that rewards you
financially and spiritually – it''s what being
your own boss is REALLY all about!

Thanks to this business I’ve been able to help people all over the world dramatically increase their health and wellness – adding countless years of happiness to theirs and their loved ones’ lives.

Plus, I’ve been extremely blessed to be able to help people change their financial situation for the better!

There’s nothing like helping others pay off their debts and become financially free and getting rewarded handsomely for doing it at the same time.

Now don''t get me wrong here.

The financial rewards of this business are great and you can make a lot of money.

But once you''ve paid off your credit cards, mortgage, etc … and become debt free, well you need other things beside money, you need happiness.

And that''s what I love about this business.

This business brings you happiness

The personal and spiritual satisfaction and feeling I get from knowing my business is directly responsible for helping people pay off their debts and become financially free is truly priceless and worth a lot more than anything money can buy.

And you too can enjoy all the wonderful financial, personal and spiritual benefits and rewards of this business – all you have to do to get the ball rolling is to fill out the application below and you''ll be able to start making money right away!

It''s not your fault you haven''t made the money
or achieved the success you want

The mission statement and philosophy for the Healthy Wealth System is that as a team we can accomplish so much more than if we work as individuals.

So please don''t feel bad if you haven''t reached your financial and lifestyle goals yet. I''ve been scammed and taken advantage of more times than I''d really care to admit; It''s all part and parcel of the learning process and a necessary step on the journey to success.

And there''s even more. You see …

The business GETS EASIER the longer you''re in
Because your customers become ''salesmen'' for you

Once your customers see how great the products are coupled with low prices and how lucrative it can be to take part in this simple business …

They naturally show and tell everybody they know about the products and business.

You''ll quickly find your customers doing most of your selling for you!

The only opportunity
where money is not a problem

And, you do not need to risk or invest your hard-earned money to get going in this business.

You work from home. There''s no inventory to buy, no costly seminars, ''boot camps'', or hotel meetings to come to, and absolutely no franchise fees.

As part of a special, limited-time marketing test that I am running, we will start you in this business ready to succeed for just $1 – that''s it!

The key to success and happiness
is to help others.

That''s why we''re interested in you
and NOT your money!

Our goal is to create the finest and largest International Network of like-minded individuals.

That''s why we''re putting you in business for such a ridiculously low investment.

This business is HOT and

As you can imagine, with such an incredible opportunity – It''s easy to see why everyone is so excited and immediately jumps aboard.

But we can''t reach everyone without your help.

And that''s why we need you, right now, to help us grow into the world''s largest network.

And that''s why we''re willing to set you up in a business equal in income potential to distributorships and franchises requiring tens of thousands of dollars investment just to get started, for only $1 today.

Let''s Summarize:
Here''s What You''re Going To Get:

  • You get a business that requires no experience...
  • Is very easy to learn and get started with...
  • Has a low startup and a low monthly investment...

And ...

  • You get a business where you can make $5,000 to $10,000 and more a month... you have an unlimited earning potential!
  • And gives you an immediate income potential with massive multiple streams of residual income so you can quickly learn how to retire rich and stress-free...
  • And you get ongoing training and support for FREE! You are NEVER left on your own to "figure it out"...

Plus ...

  • You get a business with great products at low prices in a rapidly expanding industry filled with proven buyers...
  • You get a business whose incredible in-demand products are fully guaranteed or your money-back...
  • And you get a business that lets you take advantage of the generous "For Business Owners Only" legal tax loopholes – Saving you thousands of dollars a year in unnecessary expenses...

And check this out ...

  • You get a business that you can succeed with no matter how busy and stressed you are...

But here''s the best part ...

  • You get a team that truly cares about your success and helps you advertise and market your business!
  • And you get a business with a proven, results-oriented, automated marketing and sales system that does all of the prospecting, follow-up, selling and recruiting work for you...

You get a business where EVERYTHING you need to start and succeed is handed to you on a silver platter – all you have to do is cash the checks.

But don''t decide now...
Try the Healthy Wealth System
Risk-Free for 14 days

I''m so sure that you will love this business and the Healthy Wealth System that I''m willing to do something that might seem a little bit CRAZY...

Here''s what I''m going to do:

I''m going to let you lock in your position and give you full access to !

You can quit at anytime and never be billed again. If you decide to continue (which I''m confident you will), I''ll lock in your monthly membership fees at the lowest rate it will be offered at -- just $29.99 a month.

I could not POSSIBLY make it any easier for you to get started today.

This is, however, a limited time offer

Soon, I may change the way people can get started.

The low investment of just $1 is part of a special limited-time marketing test that I am currently running -- And it will definitely require considerably more of an investment to get started once this test is over.

The other reason why you want to move on this right now is to lock-in your position before others take it from you.

Don''t make the fatal and costly mistake
Of "thinking about starting" today

Make no mistakes here -- hemming, hawing and sleeping on this WILL COST YOU!

Our compensation plan rewards those who are success minded and take action right away while the feeling is hot to move forward and make it happen.

Those who wait to get started will be placed underneath the action takers.

And that means that every moment you wait - people all over the world are signing up in front of you - and that means you''re missing out on FREE MONEY.

Money that should be yours!

So get started today – RIGHT NOW and benefit from the tens of thousands of people worldwide who are about to get started with the Healthy Wealth System.

You have 2 choices here...

Choice #1.

You can let your natural skepticism on this offer make the choice for you and you can pass on this opportunity and miss out on first movers advantage to lock-in your position and all the money that should and would have gone to you.

Hey, it''s natural to be skeptical of this. After all, how many people have made you pie-in-the-sky offers and never delivered? If you''re like me, then the answer is A LOT!

BUT DON''T LET YOUR SKEPTICISM CONTROL YOU... if you do... you''ll always have that nagging feeling in the back of your mind about this – you''ll always wonder "WHAT IF... what if this WAS THE ONE that brought you the financial success you dream of and desire...

Choice #2.

Or you can put aside your skepticism for the next 14 days and lock-in your position today and give the Healthy Wealth System a try for just $1 and see what happens...

But I''m not looking for just anyone …
Only serious and dedicated people may apply

Listen, the world is a big place and there are literally tens of millions of people who want exactly what we have: Amazing products that are in real demand in the global marketplace and at the right price – This is the type of opportunity every red-blooded entrepreneur dreams of!

I''m looking for just 25 key team members to work with me step-by-step to make not only their dreams a reality but also help thousands and thousands of people like you and I, change their financial situation and have a chance at a decent life and retirement.

If you are dedicated, like helping others, can follow simple instructions and have a burning desire to live a life with no financial stresses…

...Then I urge you to apply for my personal CEO Level income team and lock in your position right now because you''re the exact type of like-minded individual I''m looking for.

Remember, this special offer is a limited time situation - act now to lock-in your position today before you miss out on this incredible and exciting Global opportunity.

Here''s how to get started today and
Lock in your position

It''s really easy and simple to get started with the Healthy Wealth System -- simply fill out the application below and click the continue button.

To your success and financial freedom.

Your new friend,

Kathleen Hoagland
Creator of The Healthy Wealth System

P.S. Allow me to be the very first to congratulate and welcome you to the team. I look forward to meeting and getting to know you.

P.P.S. Have questions or want to talk to your personal coach James Beistle right now? Just dial: 602-686-7218.

Here''s what to expect the moment you lock in your position
and start your 14-day trial of the Healthy Wealth System today:

#1. First things first, start your trial of the Healthy Wealth System by filling out the application form below and then clicking the continue button. That will lock in your position.

#2. On the next page, you will get your personal coaches contact information. Call your coach right away so they can walk you through the Healthy Wealth system, showing you how to get up and running quickly and easily. Plus ...

#3. If you''re a big thinker, your coach will also show you how to get in on the exciting and extremely lucrative team bonus cash pools so you can start qualifying for them and put some serious money into your pocket right away..

#4. On top of all that, you''ll also get instant access to our turnkey, done-for-you marketing blueprint and receive all the advertising and marketing materials you need to make your business a raging success.

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