Sunrider Calli Tea - A Testimonial

Sunrider Calli Tea - A Testimonial

The following is a testimonial about Calli Tea and Sunrider foods which was on a Conference call in the Erlich group.

I’d like to open my presentation with a short personal testimony. I started on my Sunrider journey in January of 2006, because:

2. They fit my criteria for what I bring into my home to become part of my lifestyle.

At the time I was struggling with the aftermath of an auto-immune condition called temporal arteritis, which could result in permanent blindness if not properly treated. The treatment of choice was steroids, which I had sworn I’d never take for any reason, ever. Faced with the potential of going permanently blind, the steroids were a no-brainer. The Sunrider foods helped me get my focus restored, my life back, the

upper hand over my yeast issues, my cholesterol down, and – without my having to give it a thought – rid of the stubborn pounds and inches I had put on with the steroids.

Right now, without effort, I stay within two to three pounds less than what I weighed as a bride in 1953. And that’s only the beginning. To top it off, Sunrider helps me to help others, in my sphere, as Kathie Christiansen and Donna Ehrlich have helped me, in theirs. Now I have people appreciating me the way I appreciate Kathie and Donna, and that’s very humbling to me. At times I still have to pinch myself to see if I’m imagining things.

Of these two lines of thought, the first is a statement I’ve heard Donna make several times: “Just switching beverages can make a difference.” To a brand-new Sunrider, as I was not so long ago, that might sound like a really bold statement – which for me ended the statement with “REALLY?” And that’s “really” with a question mark. This evening I hope to be instrumental in helping to wipe out with an exclamation point any question mark in the minds of listeners about the validity of the statement.

The second line of thought has to do with the value of the Sunrider foods as opposed to the battle of the budget – affordability. Most of us have heard Dr. Chen’s business advice, which is to know the value of the product and approach others in that light. We’ve also met up with battle-of-the-budget rhetoric, which is, “I know the foods are good but I can’t afford them.” Unfortunately, that “but” muddies the waters in too many minds.

ago by the name of Tommy Hopkins. He taught us a rule-of-thumb, and I quote: “Break the cost down to the level of the ridiculous.”

presentation, with her blessing. Ella May didn’t even think she had a story. She has a few serious health challenges and has been listening in on these calls for most of the past couple of years, eating her heart out for the results being experienced by others she’s heard on the call. About ten months ago she and my brother Les did change their beverage – from water, an undeniably good beverage, to Calli. Ella May and I had talked,

and she figured they could carve enough out of their household budget for a ten-pack of Calli. They started with one teabag diluted out to three gallons, to be consumed between them in three days’ time. Total cost, 30 cents a day. Every once in awhile they would get to wondering out loud to each other if they were experiencing any benefits. Nothing stood out. I kept my finger on the pulse without being intrusive.

Six weeks ago I broached the subject to Ella May again. I hadn’t settled on my topic for tonight, but I kept thinking of Donna’s statement – along with what I heard Dr. Chen say on a recent conference call, which I’ll mention later. Anyway, a topic had edged into my mind, along with a bottom line. That’s where Tommy Hopkins fit into the picture. I had noticed something that Ella May might not have noticed, and I was hoping to use her story as the backdrop – in spite of the fact that she didn’t think she had one. In view of their minimal store of Sunrider food, if anyone’s story

She just needed to see she had one. I called her, opened the subject, and found out she and Les had just been wondering out loud to each other again. She said nothing stood out to them yet. I asked her, “Have you checked your chalazion recently?”

One of Ella May’s many challenges is chalazia – the plural form of chalazion – a chronic and bothersome problem with her. Chalazia are caused by a blockage in a gland that lies within the eyelid. This gland produces oil. Sometimes it becomes blocked, but it still produces oil. The oil accumulates and the chalazian can rupture.

Then the inflammation process begins. A chalazion is not a sty, by the way, although it looks like one. To the touch it feels like a beebee pellet embedded in the eyelid. Typically, this lump grows and hardens over days, on into weeks, often into months, and it is occasionally red, warm, or painful. Ella May’s are always red, warm, and painful. Treatment of the chalazion starts with an attempt to reduce swelling by applying warm compresses to the affected eyelid for about 15 minutes, 2-3 times a day.

If a bacterial infection is suspected the treatment progresses to a prescription for antibiotic drops or ointments. An injection of a steroid medicine is the option used to help decrease inflammation. Surgical removal of the lump is the option left if it creates symptoms or lasts for weeks – or months. This is information I gathered from the internet, and it backs up what my optometrist friend described to me as the only medical treatment for a chalazion. Incidentally, more than one chalazion can occur at a time.

Ella May’s current chalazion was already bothering her a good ten or eleven months ago when she was mulling over an investment in a 10-pack of Calli. She’s resisted surgery for this one, because repeated surgeries have damaged the muscles in her eyelids; and listening in on these calls gave her some hope that Calli might give her another option. As I said, she started with one teabag diluted out to three gallons, which would do her and Les for three days. Over time, she increased the concentration, decreasing the water to two gallons, then to one gallon with the

addition of a packet of Fortune Delight. A couple months ago she doubled the amount of both Calli and Fortune Delight, so that she and Les are getting two 10- packs of each between them per month instead of one. Total cost, $1.23 a day.

Now, when I asked Ella May if she had checked her chalazion recently, she took stock. She said, well yes, it had gotten soft, and it wasn’t so red, and it wasn’t sore, but she figured the compresses had finally started to work. I asked if they worked for her all those years before. “No, they didn’t.” Then I asked her what she was doing different. Not only did she come up with “Calli and Fortune Delight” for her answer, but she said that this chalazion had formed when she was already soaking her eye for another one! I heard it when the light went on.

It doesn’t surprise most of us that it took time for the results to show up, but neither does it surprise us that they would show up. All during those passing months the Calli, and then the Calli and Fortune Delight, were quietly doing their thing,

Calli in the cells and Fortune Delight in the digestive system. Neither one is “just” tea. What is it that makes them different from “just” tea, and what is it sets Sunrider apart from all its competitors? To at least partially answer that question, let me enumerate the points Dr. Chen rattled off in an eight-point summary when he was asked that same question by the author of the book Journey to the Sun. You’ll find these points listed on page 224 of that book in the chapter entitled “Climb to the Top.” Here they are, in Dr. Chen’s own words:

Second, we use only the best part of the herbs. Third, I myself am responsible for the development of the formulations for all Sunrider products. Fourth, we concentrate our products. Most other companies do not. Fifth, we set quality control standards that far exceed government regulation. Sixth, all Sunrider products are based upon Sunrider’s Philosophy of Regeneration. Seventh, Sunrider both owns and operates all of our manufacturing facilities. That is the only way we can have absolute confidence in the quality of the products. Lastly, my wife and I are both experts in our industry.” Dr. Chen drove his point home even further by asking, “Now tell me if you know of any other company in the world who can make the same claims?”

Listening in on that recent call, I heard him speak lovingly about his herbs – how they grow wild, high in the mountains above the pollution. I had known they grew there, but I figured they were farmed there. I heard him speak on – just matter of factly – about how they’re cleaned, combined, and concentrated, and about the lengths he goes to in protecting his valuable trade secrets. No wonder he has the herbs he wants, in the shape he wants, for his formulations – and has the company he needs to carry out his mission! I wanted to talk about the Sunrider differences this evening, but with authoritative information, and with a story.

The information’s all there, in the book, in riveting, inspiring detail. Nobody ever got results on just information, even good Sunrider information. We all know that. But act on that good Sunrider information… well, then, just watch the story unfold. Ella May would like more results, but she does have a “barometer” – old chalazion out, no new ones in. And any time she increases her intake of one food or adds another, she will get more barometers. She and I hope her story will encourage others as her discovery has encouraged her – her discovery that just switching beverages can make a difference.