What is a GREAT Team Member?

What is a GREAT Team Member?

Network Marketers build teams. We want team members who will 1) recruit others and 2) use and market the product or program.

Many people in network marketing quit before ever putting in any real effort, and of those who remain on the team, a percentage of them must be pushed and shoved. So, let’s define a “great team member” so you can recruit some.

Apple’s co-founder, the late Steve Jobs, was involved in the key recruiting decisions for his company. His criteria were based on the following:

“We need people who will do their part, without our having to stand over them to make them do it.
So that when the teams meet again, everyone has done the parts they are responsible for. That’s how we move

Great team members do what they say they will do, without you having to watch over them, hold their hand or motivate them to do what they were hired to do.

When speaking to a prospective team member, try saying: ”I’m looking for someone who does what they say they’re going to do. I need someone I can count on to do the part they agree to, without my having to hound or stand over the person. Does that sound like you?”

Of course, you’ll have to be clear what you expect them to do. But are they someone who DOES what they say they will do?

A person who is true to their word is one of the most important of characteristics of a good team member. They will be careful not to over-commit. We’ve all had prospects who are boasters, they don’t do what they say and they over-commit constantly. They are useless to your team.

Talk is cheap. Instead, show me.