seven essentials

seven essentials

Now we come to the present, where I share my current food and nutritional practices. When there are other people in the household, if those people are not willing to eat healthy food, it takes a great deal more discipline to do what is best for your own body. In those cases, do the best you can, one day at a time.

My Diet Today

My diet lifestyle evolved into that of a cross between alkalarian and vegan. Alkalarian is similar to vegan in some ways, but yet different. In comparison to a vegan diet, I find the Alkalarian diet a bit more restrictive. While fish is allowed occasionally, fermented breads are not. The last couple of years I have eaten fish, usually salmon, anywhere from a couple times a month to once every three months or so.

Though I did not eat bread for quite a while, I do now. I buy sprouted grain breads, yeast free. My favorite is French Meadow Bakery’s Hemp Sprouted Bread... it is yeast free and rather addicting (just kidding). I use it for my veggie dagwood-type sandwiches. And I must confess I also whip out the old Hellman’s/Best Foods mayonnaise for thick tomato sandwiches with my Hemp bread. For the rest of the veggie sandwiches, I use squished up avocado (God’s mayonnaise), sometimes mixed with extra virgin olive oil. And I occasionally make homemade French bread out of spelt, whole wheat and/or rye flour... just so I can dip it in extra virgin olive oil and freshly grated garlic. I figure if folks can invade my space with smokers breath, coffee breath, and a combination of the two, I can invade their space with garlic breath. No apologies. Don’t mess with my garlic, please.

I aim for 75% or higher raw vegetables and one or two pieces of fruit each day. I eat some whole grains, but not every day because too much will cause a negative reaction in my body. If I succumb to white rice or white bread, I spend five minutes blowing my nose afterwards and often will then have problems sleeping. If I succumb to my dad’s potato chips, immediately I feel a heaviness in my body. I really need to keep out of the potato chip bag. The bread from my tomato and veggie sandwiches do not cause me problems unless I eat TWO of them.

Dried beans with brown rice or on toasted whole grain bread, I can eat in moderation. And this is the key on all cooked foods... moderation. Raw vegetables can be eaten all day long. But easy on grains and beans.

In the past, I would eat 90–100% cooked food, predominantly meat, and MIGHT have a small ice-berg lettuce salad. This is an inverted way of eating. We need to have 75–90% raw salad to 10–25% cooked. Lots of green, a little cooked. The big bowl of salad you prepare for four people—THAT bowl needs to be the main meal with a small side of cooked food. Hey—don’t freak out—one step at a time. I recommend the recipe books by Shelley Young as she opens up the world of beautiful alkalarian dishes.

One Meal Example

Yesterday–July 18, 2005–I ate my heaviest meal before 2 PM. I made a large garden salad which contained romaine, green leaf and red leaf lettuce, radish, cucumber, tomato, vidalia onion, celery, red bell pepper, mung bean sprouts, raw pumpkin seeds and fresh-packed smoked salmon. The dressing was my standard, ½ lemon squeezed over the salad, 1 large garlic clover grated, extra virgin olive oil and Italian spices. Nine years ago the salad would have fed four or more people. The salmon was the only cooked food I ate yesterday.


When I juice (using a juice extractor), I go green, leaving off carrots. Cucumbers are usually the base of the drink as they have a high alkaline pH. I add in parsley, spinach, and celery. When my mother joined me for fresh veggie juices, she requested we add a tomato. My mom adds a little natural salt to her portion.

A note on juice extractors. I have an expensive juicer, Green Life. Because of the way the juice is made, it will stay alive for several days if stored correctly. But then I encountered Dr. Young, and he says that within several minutes fresh juice will change from being alkaline to acidic to the body. That put a damper on my juicing and storing. Because of the time in preparation of the juice, and the time it takes to clean it, I ended up not juicing. I got away with it nutritionally because of the whole food supplement I began to take in 2003.

Recently, however, I picked up a Jack LaLanne juice extractor for half price. Because of the large feeder chute, and the ease of cleaning it, I can prep my veggies, juice, clean the unit, dry it and put it back together in five minutes. There are negative opinions on the quality of juice from a spinning basket, but I can only say that the benefits I received from my first juicer from Sunbeam were evident, and it was a toy. My second juice extractor was the German made AEG, no longer available in the United States. It too had a spinning basket. Though it had a small feeder chute, I could clean it in one minute. My third juicer, the Green Life, was given to me by a wonderful friend. I made juice every couple of days, storing the juice from one day for the next. But like I said, Dr. Young spoiled that for me. Therefore, as stated earlier, I stopped juicing regularly.

With my Jack LaLanne juicer, I juiced a cucumber from our garden that was 13.5 inches long and 9 inches in diameter within seconds. Just washed it, cut off the ends, pushed the whole cucumber down the chute and drank it seconds later. The dogs like juice too, by the way.

My Water

I drink distilled water, and as instructed by Dr. Young, I add a food grade hydrogen peroxide (H2O2)1 — five drops per eight to twelve ounces of water — but I add it to a gallon of distilled water all at one time. Dr. Young talks about this in Chapter 5 of his book The pH Miracle. I then add minerals back into the water with ConcenTrace® Trace Mineral Drops.

My Nutrition

Early summer of 2003 a friend shared with me her discovery of a whole food supplement which contains the seven essential nutrient groups required for optimal health. The main ingredient in the blend is Risotriene™, stabilized rice protein. Click on this Risotriene™ link to learn more about this wonderful food. The list following is what is contained in this one whole food supplement.

Enzymes – Necessary for proper digestion and utilization of food.

Coenzymes – Organic vitamins necessary for enzymes to function along with an array of antioxidants and bioflavonoids.

Cofactors – Ionic minerals and trace minerals that are necessary for enzymes to function. These are retrieved from 2,000 feet below the ocean surface from waters off the coast of Hawaii.

Protein – Absorbable proteins are the building blocks of the body.

Essential Oils – Necessary for healthy cell membranes, creation of hormones and proper detoxification.

Fiber – Helps eliminate toxins. This is an advanced fiber that seeks out, absorbs and carries out toxins from your body.

Probiotics – Supports the immune system and helps provide protection from pathogens.

The supplement comes in a powder form in four flavors. Berry, Veggie, Dutch Chocolate (1-2 mg of caffeine), and natural flavor. They are mixed in water or juice, and some folks mix the chocolate in skim milk.

This supplement helps to keep my pH in balance, improves my energy levels, and replaces meals. Most people I know who have been taking it do not get sick like they did before starting the supplement. I like to drink the berry in the morning in a glass of lemon water. It is my “coffee”.