Discovering the Dark Side: Getting to Know Dark Eye Circles

Discovering the Dark Side: Getting to Know Dark Eye Circles

Have you seen those zombie TV series that have become a trend on TV? Or those horror movies about dead people coming back to life? Have you seen the movie Edward Scissorhands? Do you notice something about his face? Well, we all know his hair is quite a mess, but there is something really prominent in his eyes. And how about the infamous video of the King of Pop Michael Jackson called “Thriller”. What do you think they all have in common? You guessed it right, those dark circles under the eyes.No Halloween make up is complete without those dark circles. What if you suddenly realize the dark circles you have are not make up but the real thing? This is where you panic.

I have enough sleep last night but I still have this dark circles under my eyes from the night before I attended a party and went home early in the morning. Why is this So?

Dark Circles

Dark Circles does not necessarily appear after a late night partying, or continuous sleep deprivation and it doesn’t disappear right away after an undisturbed sleep. In fact, they are not your fault so stop blaming yourself. Let’s get to know the steps on how those dark circles form ( not from makeup ):

Small blood vessels called capillaries are found under our eyes, because it’s quite small blood flow is rather slow in this area…because it has a steady but slow flow, they usually tend to leak out in the surrounding tissue once they leak out, enzymes in our blood called Hemoglobin through an automatic response comes to the rescue to breakdown the blood cells through this process of breaking down, the Hemoglobins remaining components leaves a dark blue black color which appears as a bruise therefore, those dark blue black hue under your eyes are in fact caused by leaky capillaries or bruise under your eye. The same mechanism when “black eye” happens.

How come it’s very visible and even without trauma to the eye?

That’s because the skin under the eye is the thinnest skin in our body, and so much closer to the capillaries beneath it and considering for a fact that some people tend to have translucent skin than others. Combine these two and you have “Raccoon Eyes” staring back at you in the mirror.

So, since this is normal in nature does this mean it can’t be cured?

There are several eye creams available in the market you can choose from to diminish those dark eye circles, and home remedies which you can try as well. Some are quite effective, so feel free to experiment.

In any medical pursuit for knowledge, it’s always best to know the mechanism underlying a specific problem to know how to find a cure. By determining the cause of things, it will be easier to get to the cure. It should not cause any insecurities since some people may look at you differently and judge you based on those dark circles. Understanding your problem leads to better understanding of yourself instead of blaming. Dark circles doesn’t have to be a lifelong problem after all.