Information on Back Support Belts

Information on Back Support Belts

Many daily activities, such as reaching and driving, can strain the muscles, tendons and ligaments of the back. When an employee performs such activities as part of his or her job responsibilities, that employee could benefit from the availability of back support belts. Such items help the spine to maintain its proper shape.

The muscles that support the lower region of the spine maintain the spinal arch, what is also known as the “lordotic curve.” The muscles that support the upper region maintain a curve with a reverse shape, a shape called “kyphosis.” A good back support belt aids the ability of those curves to hold their shape. The absence of such a belt often leads to the development of serious injuries.

While supports can function as an on the job treatment for lumbar pain, back braces work better, when the affected person returns to a residence, a place away from his or her work environment. They are not used in the workplace, because they restrict motion and limit the ability of the body to rotate. In addition to supplementing the function of the support, a back brace can be used to correct for poor posture. By the same token, that health particular aid is frequently worn by patients that are recovering from some type of back surgery.

A woman who has entered the final months of her pregnancy often needs access to some sort of maternity support belt. In that supportive structure, nylon and spandex fibers combine to create a strong lumbar-supporting object. This easy to clean object does not force an expectant mother to sacrifice a lot of the time she wants to spend on preparation for the awaited infant. She can wash her belt in cold water.