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On March 15, 2010, In internet marketing, By Paul Evans

Enjoying the Smokey Mountains in Tennessee. Here’s a view from our cabin…

I already love to read, so this week I’m getting a lot in.

Ignore Everybody by High MacLeod (strong language warning if you get it).

Both book have a common theme.

You are destined for more. You have genius inside you. You are responsible for your life. Most likely you’ve been brainwashed into believing you have to follow the rules.

In general, some solid thinking for these times.

And that’s what I’d like to talk to you about today.

It’s not enough to follow the rules. It not enough to blindly follow the blueprint.

Even if someone says, “Follow these 3 steps to success…” Success is not found in the 3 steps. It does not automatically show up.

It’s how YOU show up in those three steps.

It’s YOU that makes the difference. YOU eliminate the competition because anyone can follow three steps, but not everyone will shape those steps into something unique.

The herd online is trying to come to the plate with the same mentality they use at work.

“Tell me what to do. Pay me.”

That doesn’t work online. It’s not enough. Hundreds of thousands are trying that and are failing.

Ah…. The magic pill. It’s easy to swallow. But it’s a PLACEBO!

The steps are not the problem. The steps work. Almost every single “system” works. But the crowd fails to work them in a way that matches their personal creativity, intelligence, skill and art form.

And we ALL have that. “something” within us. Certainly in different measures. But we are all gifted in some area.

I’m tired of people being invited to make $$ online with a sales pitch that goes something like this…

“Bring your mediocrity. Bring your lack of discipline. Follow my program and you too can be successful.”

Uhh… OK… Uhhh… I’m seeing a lot of that working out well for folks, right? You are too, right?

It’s fine if folks want to live under that delusion. If that’s the way they want to escape.

However, as for you and me. Let’s bring our best to the plate. Let’s allow our unique style and gifts to be our platform.

O… it’s fine to follow steps. But take those steps until your distinct walk emerges. You voice is recognizable. And your products are desired.

THAT’s how long-term success shows up. Because as you know…

P.S.  Barefoot’s offer is expiring soon

It looks lovely where you are. Enjoy it – you deserve it. I’ve been following a lot of what you’ve taught over the past few months and what you say in your post is so true. It’s important to learn how to do it but then move on to adapt it to your own business. I feel that is beginning to happen for me now. My voice is beginning to be heard. It’s different from others. I don’t want to follow the crowd but offer my uniqueness to the world. Thanks so much Paul for all your help over the past few months taking a complete novice to someone who feels confident online now. I hope to meet you in Dublin for BGP?

[Reply]Paul Evans Reply:March 15th, 2010 at 5:54 pmYep!

I will be in Ireland! Looking forward to it!

Hi Paul: You make an important point. People who go online expecting to be paid think like employees, when they need to think like entrepreneurs.

It’s a whole different mindset. I have been an entrepreneur for 17 years and would never go back to being an employee.

People need to take the initiative, make a plan, put in the work and practice discipline on a daily basis.

I always say, plan the work, work the plan (and make adjustments as needed).

Nice mountains, though they are more like hills to us. I live in British Columbia.

[Reply]Paul Evans Reply:March 15th, 2010 at 5:53 pmRight M!

HUGE difference in the entrepreneur and employee mindsets!

I remember the moment I realized there are no shortcuts in this business (just like in any other business) was a liberating one. The thought that someone is getting the breaks that you aren’t can drive you nuts, keep your awake at night and deplete your bank account faster an industrial vacuum cleaner. Well, no one is getting any breaks. It’s all about the basics, the discipline, and the perseverance to keep trying thing that don’t work until you stumble on a few that do work for you.

[Reply]Virpi Tervonen Reply:March 16th, 2010 at 6:20 amPaul,

Thanks for today’s post, it was a grat platform for many great replies.

Alex, I liked especially your reply…

“The thought that someone is getting the breaks that you aren’t can drive you nuts, keep your awake at night and deplete your bank account faster an industrial vacuum cleaner. Well, no one is getting any breaks. It’s all about the basics, the discipline, and the perseverance to keep trying thing that don’t work until you stumble on a few that do work for you.”

Paul, have a most enjoyable stay at the Smokey Montains!

I needed this today…and needed to see your grammatical error, too! ) I’m terrible at proofing my stuff (emails, blog posts, etc) and love what “Barefoot” teaches about “sloppy success”…that’s where I am at. And glad to know you can still put out great content even if it’s not perfect.

Now, you have to see if you can find the error! Always easier to see another person’s errors than your own. )

[Reply]Paul Evans Reply:March 15th, 2010 at 5:52 pmHi Susan!

O… i won’t find it. I’ve made way more being imperfect!

I agree Paul. I read Linchpin and found it very inspiring. I know that I bring my own personality into everything I do because I don’t want to be someone else, my experiences are my own and I have my own gifts to offer the world.

I have found many individuals online so in your face with their systems but with questionable motivations. I will continue to follow you because of the integrity and honesty you offer. We all need to find guidance from different avenues however I have found only a small few I have mainatined in my inbox……..Success is not an accident and I THANK YOU for helping me to show up and make it happen. I truly look forward to what you have to say on each profit letter.

You’ve hit the nail on the head with the post today Paul!

It’s something that I keep coming back to, no matter how many books I read and how many new techniques I learn, that ultimately I inject me into those ideas and that’s all I’ve got. Me.

I think there’s a chronic lack of people who DARE to be themselves out there. Not having a go at anyone because I recognise that in myself first and foremost.

In my work with people looking for passion in their lives, the questions I ask always comes back to one thing – “Who are you and what are you meant to do about it?”

It’s a big shift because there are many people out there who want more out of their work, business, family, finances… but they’re all looking for the quick fix – the 3 step system or the 5 day plan. I confess that I’m still struggling with that mindset in my own life as well.

The thing is, we’re so much more than we give ourselves credit for! We go out there and we ask ourselves and others “Okay, I want to be like X person in the niche who is really killing it, or I want to do what Y does because she’s making a bucketload of money”.

You know what? If we only BELIEVED that we had the STUFF in us to redefine the marketplace, to do things our way on our own terms in a way that made sense to us, THEN we’d make money. But it isn’t just about the money, is it?

It’s about doing what we were meant to do, and being who we were meant to be, and making our mark on this world in a way that only we can.

Keep the SPOT ON posts coming Paul, they’re awesome!

I strongly agree about it taking work. There are certain basics that must be followed if you are going to succeed. No matter what your name, you must do them. How you apply the basics, like build trust in the potential customer, is individual. That’s part of what is loosely called your “brand.” Frank Kern does ut by being what he is. A “Surfer Dude.” who makes a lot of money, selling things on the Internet. If he shaved the beard and mustache, and put on a suit and tie, he would fail at it. He’d look like a fish out of water, and no one would trust him.

He worked at the basics, and built his brand, without using shortcuts. There aren’t any, as you correctly point out.

I have also enjoyed all the comments left here by others. There is not a lot left to say as everyone seems to have covered my thoughts as well.

To those who think the internet is a quick way to get rich – please go back home or change your mind and bring your commitment with you and get to work – “Stand up and get noticed”

Bring a mindset like no other – how you feel about yourself is how you will show the world what you are made of – my quote for today.

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