Wellness Gift Ideas

Wellness Gift Ideas

Create your own wellness gift basket for a friend or relative. Lavender, chamomile and sage are all soothing scents. Here are some stress reducing items to include:

If you don''t have the time to create your own gift basket or if shipping is an issue, shop on-line for great gift baskets and let the seller take care of all the details for you.

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Relaxation brings health, balance and harmony to your life. Learn more about relaxation techniques such as meditation and deep breathing.

Wellness Vacations are a great way to restore peace and harmony in your life. Find out how to choose one and possible destinations

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Would you like to give your friends and love-ones a gift that they will relish long after that special day is over? Busy lives can be stressful so give them the gift of wellness and relaxation with these wellness ideas.

Wellness gifts can be large or small, depending on how much you''d like to spend.

Imagine someone you care about being refreshed and relaxed with a full-body massage. Nothing keeps on giving like a gift certificate. Think of something your friend or love one hasn''t had time to do in a long time or perhaps has never tried. Some online spa gift certificates can be redeemed for either items, like candles, cosmetics or chocolates, or services at a spa located near them. and Here are some suggestions for gift certificates.

  • Some gift certificate sites online allow the recipient to choose their own from a vast array of services and shopping sites