Health Benefits of Cranberries in Your Diet

Health Benefits of Cranberries in Your Diet

Millions suffer from Urinary Tract Infections, especially women. UTI’s are caused when bacteria enters the urethra and causes an infection in the urinary tract.

If you suspect you have a UTI, you should consult your doctor and although antibiotics are the treatment of choice once a UTI has been diagnosed, cranberry juice can offer powerful protection as a preventative.

Cranberry juice contains concentrated tannins which experts believe protect he urinary tract by inhibiting bacteria from adhering to the urinary tract wall.

Recently, research has suggested that the same properties that protect the body from UTI can also help reduce bacterial adhesion to teeth, reducing the formation of dental plaque. The compounds in cranberries are also thought to stop certain disease-causing bacteria from sticking to the stomach lining, thus protecting you from ulcers.

Other studies suggest cranberries protect you from the formation of kidney stones, aid in the recovery from stoke, lower LDL, or bad cholesterol and raise HDL, or good cholesterol.

Fresh cranberries, which contain the highest levels of beneficial nutrients, are at their peak from October through December, so stock up. Fresh Cranberries can be frozen for future use.

Look for pure or concentrated cranberry juice. Others are diluted with apple juice, water and sugar which detracts from the health benefits. If it’s too tart for you, dilute with a little water or add a little honey, which also has anti-bacterial, anti-viral effects.

Cranberry juice concentrates and capsules are also available at your local health food store or on-line.

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Long a tradition of the American Thanksgiving, cranberries aren’t just a holiday treat anymore. Cranberries can help protect the body from a variety of ailments and contain powerful antioxidants, offering protection from dangerous free radicals.

Cranberries are packed with antioxidants and other healthful nutrients. They are high in potassium, Vitamin C and manganese and dietary fiber and low in fat and calories-only 51 calories per cup from fresh cranberries.