How to Stay Young

How to Stay Young

Is there any woman who doesn’t want to look young? Some women at 50 look as thirty-year-olds. But it happens that young women look much older their own age. What’s the matter? You can often notice that good-looking women are not so rich and do not spend hours in beauty parlors. At the same time a lot of well-to-do ladies’ appearance is far from looking young. The reason is… our behavior and the proper care for our skin since the very young age.

First of all the skin looses its freshness because of smoking. We will not go into details saying what kind of damage smoking brings to viscera but the skin suffers from it considerably. If you smoke, do not dream about young, rosy, velvety skin, at 35 it will loose its natural color due to the change of the skin pigmentation. To make it look natural you will have to put more and more make-up until one day you understand that it’s impossible to cover that unnatural yellow-greyish facial skin color.

The second enemy is the Sun. If ladies adore tanning, are often guests at solariums, they will look at 40 namely for this age, but only in case of constant and proper skin care. Unfortunately, the most often your face will take five or even ten years more.

The next enemy is lack of sleep. As we all know it is impossible to store up the sleep. You can not get enough sleep and then to restore it overtaking the lack. You will have to say goodbye to your youth. Every woman should sleep at least 7 hours a day. You must sleep by no means burying your head in the pillow. The air temperature is also very important, the happy medium for the face is 18 degrees.

The next option able to contract your face with riffles is facial expression. If you have very lively face and you react at everything pulling faces, frowning, smiling widely, you will get riffles quickly. More often you react this way sooner you will meet lifting creams and other rejuvenating procedures. You will ruin your eyesight if you do not wear correcting optics and do not like sunglasses, squinting when the sun shines brightly. Drastic changes of the temperature when you come from a warm house to the frost will also spoil your skin. Wind, sea salt in blowing breeze will play not the best part for your skin too.

Take care of your skin now, and you will look much younger than ladies of your age later.