The Kiwi Diet

The Kiwi Diet

You should not under value of those little fluffy kiwis. It is low in calories and has 14 nutrients within a quality fruit, especially vitamin C and calcium. It can be seen as king among all fruits. The daily recommended intake of nutrients that a kiwi has can win the championship of the king of fruit diet. For the nowadays busy crowds, it is the most convenient food that could provide lots for their health.

Rich in nutrients, the king of fruit!

According to the study of Dr. Paul LaChance, the calcium within a kiwi is twice as much as it is in a grapefruit, 6 times in an apple and 4 times in a banana. For those who often suffer the common nutrition issues such as overweight or too thin, indigestion, osteoporosis in this modern world. Eating kiwi could be a simple way to get enough calcium.

Want to lose weight, you have to rely on it!

Kiwi is rich in dietary fiber which cannot only promote gastrointestinal peristalsis but can increase satiety. It is low in calories (only 45 kcal). It can give the balance of nutrition while losing weight. For those who often work overnight, it could help to balance their nutrition intake as well as a good way to maintain physical strength.

Kiwi deat is ideal for beauty routine

Tor those who care about beauty nowadays care the most is the intake of vitamin C. kiwi contains more than 2 times of vitamin C than an orange and it’s over 230% the recommended daily nutritional intake, by 2.3 times of a daily intake of vitamin C. Vitamin C is the main component of human collagen. It cannot only enhance the activation of human body cells but enhance metabolism. It’s also an essential source for against pressure. Many people nowadays like to take vitamin C supplements tablets, Chen Xue ho, Professor of Food and Nutrition, suggested that people should eat more natural fruit like kiwi rather than those manufacturing process synthetic drugs.

The main factors for implementation of kiwi diet

1. Eat 1 to 3 kiwi fruit a day.

2. Have a kiwi fruit for breakfast with a glass of water.

3. If you are still hungry, you can also have soy milk or yogurt or a good quality of simple breakfast.

4. If you are hungry before lunch then you can eat a little brown sugar or dark chocolate, or a bowl of low calorie vegetable soup.

5. For lunch, stop if you fill 80% full already.

6. Eat a kiwi fruit for dessert instead. If you are hungry, you can always have one.

7. Have a small portion of food for dinner and have it a little earlier (ideally 3 hours before bed time).

Kiwi diet recipes

Apple and Kiwi porridge

Ingredients: 1 kiwi, half of an apple, half a bowl of quick cooking oatmeal

Method: Peel the skin off the kiwi and cut it in small piece after wash. Cut the apple into small pieces with the skin on after wash. Cook the cereal and apples in 500 cc water and bring it to boil then turn the fire off. Add the kiwi into it once the temperature dropped to a suitable level for eating.

Nutritional Analysis: Kiwi is high in nutrient. Apple is rich in pectin which helps control weight. It gives a sense of satiety. Instant oatmeal is very a very quick and convenience breakfast.

Fruit and shrimp salad

Ingredients: 300 grams of grass shrimps, 1 kiwi fruit and 1/3 mango

Method: Wash the grass shrimps and cook them with boiled water. Pick them and put them ice into the ice water. Drain them and put them on a plate. Wash, peel and cut the kiwi fruit into small pieces and then mix the diced mango with shrimp together. It’s ready to serve. However, you could also pour a little fresh lemon juice or yogurt without sugar on top.

Nutritional Analysis: This breakfast provides adequate protein and fiber. However, it’s still lack of starch. It is recommended to have it with a bowl of cereal or a couple pieces of toast.

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